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1 May
Altarpiece by Lucas Cranach the Elder in the City Church in Wittenberg. (Public domain)
Cranach painting reveals Luther’s understanding of the Bible and art of preaching
By Martin Junge
A reflection on three aspects of a preacher and preaching
1 May
Altarpiece by Lucas Cranach the Elder in the City Church in Wittenberg. (Public domain)
Cranach painting reveals Luther’s understanding of the Bible and art of preaching
By Martin Junge
A reflection on three aspects of a preacher and preaching
6 Mar
Mr Marcus Busch, past president, Canadian Lutheran World Relief. Photo: Margaret Sadler
Optimism amid increasing challenges in Myanmar
By Marcus Busch
Marcus Busch, former president, Canadian Lutheran World Relief, shares impressions on LWF’s active support toward internally displaced people in Rakhine State, Myanmar.
14 Feb
Women of the Mumanga community gather outside the classroom where their Creative Expression workshop took place. All photos: LWF/O.Schnoebelen
Illuminating a village
By Ophélie Schnoebelen
Ophélie Schnoebelen describes the workshops, taking place in a remote village of Eastern Angola, aimed at empowering women and men to take pride in their talents and their contributions to community...
21 Dec
LWF COP 24 delegate Mr Wylie Cook, takes part in a march during the 2018 UN climate conference in Katowice, Poland. Photo: LWF/Sean Hawkey
Climate finance: A moral challenge
By Wylie Cook
What Luther’s concept of sinful self-interest can teach us about caring for those most affected by climate change.
20 Dec
LWF COP  24 delegate Mr Khulekani S. Magwaza, Evangelical Lutheran Church in Southern Africa. Photo:LWF/Sean Hawkey
Are we constructing or destructing the future?
By Khulekani S. Magwaza
We, as faith communities, and as the Lutheran World Federation (LWF), are still very much hopeful of a better future, a future that’s safe and secure for all creation.
20 Dec
Ms Gloria Samosir during a side event at COP 24 in Katowice, Poland. Photo: LWF/Sean Hawkey
The down-to-earth truth: Troubling times on Lake Toba
By Gloria Samosir
The idea of “climate change” makes sense to Indonesian subsistence farmers on Samosir Island in North Sumatra—a place distinguished for being the largest island inside a lake, inside an island.
19 Dec
Beata Anna Kolarczyk, Polish Lutheran delegate to the COP 24 UN climate conference in Katowice, Poland. Photo: LWF/Sean Hawkey
Proclaiming the Gospel of Christ by caring for our common home
By Beata Anna Kolarczyk
COP 24 in Poland, highlighted the influence of politics over environmental protection. But it also showcased a growing solidarity between people of faith for those most affected by climate change.
13 Dec
Rev. Árni Svanur Daníelsson
Creation remembers
By Arni Svanur Dan...
A reflection on climate justice and the olive trees in Gethsemane
7 Dec
Sindri Geir Óskarsson, Evangelical Lutheran Church of Iceland. Photo: LWF/Sean Hawkey.
What is our role as stewards of the Earth?
By Sindri Geir Ósk...
Sindri Geir Óskarsson, one of the seven youth delegates representing the LWF at COP24, discusses the challenges of climate change.
8 Nov
From the left: Mr. Seid Asmare, Ethiopian Islamic Affairs Supreme Council; Mr Daniel Seife-Michael, Ethiopian Orthodox Church; Mr Mamo Wojega, Inter-Religious Council of Ethiopia & member of the Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus. Photo: LWF
Ethiopia’s new democratic space offers opportunity for peace building and reconciliation
By Dr Ojot M. Ojulu
The new political dispensation in Ethiopia provides opportunity to resolve long-standing ethnic and political grievances. At a recent workshop, religious leaders discussed how they might mitigate.
19 Sep
Wollastonite mine near Garies, South Africa. Photo: jbdodane (CC BY-NC 2.0)
Protecting the environment, protecting people’s well-being
By Khulekani S. Magwaza
The climate change crisis has created a dilemma for our society. For many years we have been trying to find solutions to combat climate change and its effects.
12 Sep
About 200 people gathered outside Minneapolis City Hall in October 2016 to protest the Dakota Access Pipeline which will pass upstream from the Standing Rock Sioux Nation. Along with the threat to their water supply, the tribe claims the pipeline will destroy burial sites and sacred places. Photo: Fibonacci Blue (CC BY 2.0)
Season of Creation – A Native American Voice on Loss and Damage
By Rev. Joann Conroy
Loss and Damage is one of the themes of this year’s Global Climate Action Summit that will take place during the Season of Creation. Loss and damage due to climate change is already affecting...
7 Sep
Children of the Seraphic Institute, joining in advocating for climate justice. Photo: LWF/ C. Rimmer
Season of Creation - From Assisi to Katowice
By Rev. Dr Chad Rimmer
Walking Together during the Season of Creation
16 Jul
Espérence manages to get her son, Divin, to stand still just long enough for a photo before he and his friends go back to playing their own version of the World Cup. Espérence is reaping the benefits of a vegetable garden she planted, with support from the LWF. Photo: LWF/Pablo Lo Moro
Peace is a shot on goal
By Pablo Lo Moro
Impressions of Burundi through the World Cup cycle
26 Jun
Dina Nasser, (2nd from left) health advisor at LWF AVH, works with doctors during a recent trip to Gaza. Photo: LWF/ Shaban Mortaja
“Cleaning wounds and caring for the wounded”
By Dina Nasser
AVH health advisor recalls medical mission to Gaza after the border protests in May 2018 to help wounded Palestinians
1 Jun
Bringing water and life to the Turkana people at Nakururum and Lokwamur in Kenya. #WorldWaterDay Photo: ALWS / H. Wikstrom
When water comes to life
By Jonathan Krause
Australian Lutheran World Service Community Action Manager Jonathan Krause reflects on the importance of providing clean water
12 Apr
Women wash glasses to preserve vegetables in. Photo: LWF/ P. Lo Moro
“Blue flowers” in the desert
By Pablo Lo Moro
LWF Regional Program Coordinator Pablo Lo Moro shares impressions from the Country Program in Mauritania
23 Mar
Ranjita Borgoary gives a presentation at a meeting associated with the Commission on the Status of Women. Photo: LWF
Proud to tell people LWF has a gender justice policy
By Ranjita Borgoary
LWF Council Member Ranjita Borgoary writes about what it means to participate United Nations’ Commission on the Status of Women
19 Mar
The people that walked in darkness have seen a great light: Larry Madrigal stands in front of the stained glass mural that inspired his mother at the 1994 CSW. Photo: L Madrigal
Half of humanity activating its rights
By Larry José Madrigal
LWF delegate Larry José Madrigal blogs from the world’s largest gathering on women’s human rights
24 Dec
Called to be a daily peacemaker
By Saleem Moussa Anfous
Palestinian Lutheran student of Leadership and Ministry Saleem Moussa Anfous discusses the vocation of a peacemaker in the multi religious context of the Holy Land.
17 Dec
How can religions wisely build peace in our societies?
By Levi Joniel
Nigerian seminary student and Sunday school teacher Levi Joniel discusses the responsibility of religious leaders for nurturing peace in society.
10 Dec
Inclusive peacebuilding means peace for all
By Sem Lucas Logge...
Sem Lucas Loggen and Anna Tervahartiala explain why gender equality is essential to peace-buidling.
3 Dec
“For every dream there is a color”
By Angélica Oquend...
Colombian artist Angélica Oquendo Ramos describes how her passion for theater, youth engagement and peace building come together.
3 Nov
At the University of Jena conference, Rev. Dr Miriam Haar (left at table with panelists) joined theologians from around the world exploring the impact of the Reformation beyond European churches and societies. Photo: Aaron T. Hollander
What kind of ecumenism is needed on our journey toward reconciliation?
By Rev. Dr Miriam Haar
Rev. Dr Miriam Haar explains why strong symbolic events and theological dialogue are both necessary and complementary elements on the journey toward church unity and reconciliation.
7 Oct
Photo: LWF/Albin Hillert
Celebrating the Season of Creation
By Rev. Dr Chad Rimmer
The Season of Creation lasts from 1 September to the feast day of St Francis on 4 October. This year, The Lutheran World Federation (LWF) celebrated this green time in many ways.
4 Oct
Photo: LWF/H. Putsman Penet
The Joys of Creation
By Maryssa Janelle...
The Bible uses a large variety of beautiful imagery to teach us God’s truths.
29 Sep
Baptism of Jesus Mosaic, Chapel of the Ecumenical Center, Geneva. Photo: LWF/S. Gallay
Revealing the Children of God
By Rev. Anne Burghardt
To confess the Triune God is to believe that God is essentially relational, God-in-communion. But God is not relational only within Godself.
22 Sep
Rev. Dr Kaisamari Hintikka. Photo: LWF/I. Benesch
The Three Estates of Today
By Rev. Dr Kaisama...
Rev. Dr Kaisamari Hintikka reflects on living out our baptismal vocation in today’s global context.
21 Sep
A small chapel near Heja Game Lodge, Namibia. Photo: LWF/JC Valeriano
Christ and Creation
By Rev. Dr Simone Sinn
Christ and all creation are intimately connected. Christ is the beginning of all things, the firstborn of all creation. This deep connection is not just a fuzzy harmless feeling of “all belongs...
15 Sep
Stewards of Creation
By Dr Ojot Miru Ojulu
LWF staff share prayers and reflections for the Season of Creation, from 1st September to 4th October. This week Dr Ojot Miru Ojulu encourages us to be stewards of Creation.